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About us

Event in Skåne is the centre of event expertise and a collaborative partner of events in Skåne. We work to attract more, larger and better events, exhibitions and conventions to the region.

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Event in Skåne

Our mission

  • To market Skåne as a leading region for events.
  • To identify and enlist events in conjunction with national and international organisations, the municipal councils in Skåne and the arena owners.
  • To conduct marketing efforts directed at defined target groups on a national and international arena.
  • To create networks between organisers and suppliers in Commerce and authorities.
  • To conduct studies and analyses into existing and new events.
  • To support the development of existing events and to facilitate matters for entrepreneurs and to contribute to the development of products and destination.

We offer

  • Promotion and presentation material
  • Advice and consultations
  • Site inspections
  • Contact with authorities, companies and administrators
  • A network of professional partners to assist you with your event
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Contact us for more information

Would you like to organise your event or meeting in Skåne? Great decision! Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you along the way.

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